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During the Golden Age of the medieval kingdom of Norway, the Norse King Sigurd I sailed from his homeland to the newly established kingdom of Jerusalem. With 60 ships and 5,000 men in support of the first crusade (Korstog), Sigurd I was the first European King to join the crusades.

While sailing to the Holy Land, the Norwegian crusaders defeated pirates and conquered Saracen territory acquiring great victories and treasures.

When they arrived at the portal there, King Baldwin I of Jerusalem warmly welcomed them. Sigurd and Baldwin combined forces for the conquest of Sidon and the establishment of the lordship of Sidon. Out of appreciation Baldwin gave Sigurd a splinter of the cross of Jesus Christ to be brought back to the burial site of Saint Olaf in Nidaros Cathedral at Trondheim, Norway.

The lordship of Sidon stood until being conquered by the great Muslim General Saladin. Saladin was subsequently victorious over the city of Jerusalem on October 2, 1187, the anniversary of the prophet's ascension to heaven. Saladin acted with such magnanimity to the Christians and Jewish residents of Jerusalem that he became a celebrated example of chivalry across Europe.

Korstog Arms
That day has come. Korstog Arms is here to provide a top quality Modern Sporting Rifle with the tried and true traditional direct gas impingement operating system. We didn't just build a direct impingement rifle like everyone else, we sought to make improvements and enhancements rather then just follow the industry. "Mil Spec" is a term that is thrown around a lot, and often times not understood or applied correctly. Mil Specs are great as establishing a known standard, but time and technology has evolved allowing us to look outside the box labeled mil spec.
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